My mother tried to prevent me from eating chocolate when I was little by convincing me that if I ate it, it would stain my clothes. Her clever ruse worked for a while, but I figured it out soon enough, & I’ve never looked back.  Now, not only do I eat more than my share of chocolate, but I rarely, if ever, stain my clothing.  Best of both worlds, really.

Through the years, my love of chocolate evolved from the pleasure of chocolate flavors dancing on my tongue to enjoying the feeling of working with it & manipulating it in sweet & savory dishes. Then, it grew up a little more, & I moved on to studying & understanding the history & folklore around it.

Eventually, these interests infiltrated my senses regarding food of all kinds.  

After spending a summer working on a farm & learning all about how food grows from seed to plate, I worked at a couple different bakeries, learning to play with food in beautiful & delicious ways.  & from there, I pursued the academic study of food & delved further into the history, sociology, & anthropology of food, studying Jeffersonian ideals of farming, the Dust Bowl, food in the fine arts, medieval eating habits, colony collapse disorder, trends in beverages, Monsanto & other contemporary issues, sushi, big food factories disguised in little cities, regional food systems in New England & abroad, & everything in between.

I love knowing where my food comes from both in the contemporary farm-to-table sense & in the greater world history sphere.  Understanding the journeys & reincarnations that different foods & recipes take as they are passed between people gives me a deeper sense of what my food truly is, & frankly, it makes it taste all the more interesting.  I hope you agree.

I’m J.  Saving room for dessert since 1983.